IAE written in hieroglpyhs

Forthcoming Website "Digital Giza" : Survey28.02.2017

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to request your feedback on a small-scale prototype version of our forthcoming Egyptology website, called Digital Giza. If you would like to help us create a user-friendly interactive website, suitable for education, exploration, and research by amateurs and experts alike, may I trouble you to take about ten minutes to fill out the following anonymous online survey? It will ask you just 4-5 questions, and to use the website to complete a few tasks.

Survey link: harvard.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cvaHljlFcfdIey1

Peter Der Manuelian
Philip J. King Professor of Egyptology
Director, Harvard Semitic Museum
Harvard University

Recently Proposed Changes to US Government Policy - Statement approved by the Council of the International Association of Egyptologists, February 2017 14.02.2017

1) The Executive Order issued by the President of the United States on 27 January, which prevents nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, all predominantly Muslim countries, from entering the US.

One of the principal roles of the International Association of Egyptologists is to bring together all those throughout the world who are involved in the study of Egypt’s past, and protection of its sites and monuments. The Association aims to provide a forum in which colleagues can discuss pressing issues, exchange ideas, create collaborations, and share expertise and resources.
The Association is explicitly international and inclusive in its outlook and activities. The success of its endeavours depends on the free flow of people and information. The Unites States is one of the most important countries for Egyptology: many specialists are based there, many thousands of uniquely important ancient artefacts are kept in its museum collections, and the exhibitions, films, and books that are created there inspire many millions around the world to engage with the past. No two ancient Egyptian objects, among all the millions scattered around the world are the same; and every specialist, regardless of their nationality or where in the world they are based, brings something unique to our discipline. Our subject thrives on the connections made between such people.
An indiscriminate ban preventing anyone from the countries specified from entering the US, and potentially resulting in discrimination against individuals who have worked or lived in those countries, threatens such connections from being made.

As such, the International Association of Egyptologists opposes the Executive Order in the strongest possible terms, and calls for its immediate rescindment.

2) The proposal to eliminate the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and to reduce support for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

Egyptology, along with the many other sub-disciplines of history and archaeology, plays a vital role in enhancing our understanding of a shared history that is common to all people. Our subject enjoys enormous popularity among the public, not least because it is so alive – specialists continue to improve our understanding of people’s lives in the ancient past through the discovery of new material in Egypt itself, and by applying great expertise and new techniques to interpreting that material. Moreover, ancient Egypt is considered by many as one of the roots of modern culture. The study of ancient Egypt is, therefore, a key to understanding who we ourselves are, and where we come from. Many of the great advances in our subject have been made by scholars in the United States, from the earliest days of scientific inquiry into Egypt’s history up to the present. The continuation of this work depends on financial support, much of which up to now has been provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Any reduction in the support the US government provides to these funds threatens the vital, ongoing work of Egyptologists in the US, which would have a significant impact on the progress of Egyptology worldwide.

As such, the International Association of Egyptologists opposes the proposed reduction in Support for these funds in the strongest possible terms.

Download: IAE Statement_US Govt Policy Feb 2017 FINAL.pdf

Obituary for May Trad21.12.2016

May's passing is indeed a great loss for all her friends and for The Cairo Museum and in fact for all the Egyptological scene in Cairo where she helped so many people! I have known her for a very long time and she was always the same, a wonderful friend, devoted to others and to Egyptology, always kind, understanding, and respectful towards everyone and unassuming. May was sincerely respected and loved by all those who knew her. May God bless her soul and may she rest in peace. She will be greatly missed.

Fayza Haikal
Professor of Egyptology
The American University in Cairo

MoA's Newsletter12.10.2016

The September issue of the MoA's Newsletter is out now!

Back issues: www.egyptologyforum.org/MOA/MOA.html
Join the mailing list by email to: antiquitiesnewsletter@gmail.com

IANUS Expertenworkshop : IT Empfehlungen gemeinsam formulieren13.07.2016

IANUS gibt als nationales Forschungsdatenzentrum für die Archäologien und Altertumswissenschaften die „IT-Empfehlungen für den nachhaltigen Umgang mit digitalen Daten in den Altertumswissenschaften“ heraus. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Online-Plattform, auf der für die gesamte Fachcommunity technische Informationen zu digitalen Daten zusammengefasst und konkrete Hinweise im Sinne von Best-Practices gegeben werden:
Mit diesem Angebot von IANUS wird versucht, auf die wichtigsten Fragen zum richtigen Umgang mit digitalen Daten zu antworten und sowohl für IT-Laien als auch IT-Fachleute eine Hilfe anzubieten.

Während viele Inhalte zu Datenformaten bereits existieren und abgerufen werden können, gibt es einige Kapitel zu Forschungsmethoden, die bislang noch fehlen. Aus diesem Grund veranstaltet IANUS einen zweitägigen Workshop, auf dem unter Anleitung eines professionellen Moderators und im direkten Austausch gemeinsam Vorschläge diskutiert und neue Empfehlungen formuliert werden sollen. Die erarbeiteten Texte werden anschließend nach einer Endredaktion bis zum Ende dieses Jahres in den IT-Empfehlungen veröffentlicht. Durch die dauerhafte Zitierbarkeit mittels DOI können Autoren/innen ihre Mitarbeit an diesen Beiträgen als Publikationsleistung verzeichnen. Die Veranstaltung wird am Deutschen Archäologischen Institut in Berlin-Dahlem entweder Ende September oder Ende Oktober 2016 stattfinden.

Anmeldung bis: So. 24. Juli 2016

Weitere Details: Aushang_Workshop_IT-Empfehlungen_2016.pdf

Proceedings of the 10th ICE published24.03.2016

Just published (with many thanks to Bert Verrept):

P. Kousoulis, N. Lazaridis (eds.), Proceedings of the Tenth International Congress of Egyptologists, University of the Aegean, Rhodos 22-29 May 2008, 2 vols., Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta 241, Peeters Publishers, Leuven – Paris – Bristol, CT, 2015, XVII + 2241 pages. (www.peeters-leuven.be/boekoverz.asp?nr=9036)

Call for donation23.02.2016

The IAE informs about the following call for donation in behalf of two Antiquities guards of Dayr al-Barsha:

ICE XI – e-gyptology workshop 25 & 27 August 2015: Summary/wrap-up21.09.2015

by Vincent Razanajao

Download: ICE XI e-gyptology workshop wrapup.pdf

The Sale of the Statue of Sekhemka by the Northampton Borough Council (UK)14.09.2015

Statement approved by the Council and General Assembly of the International Association of Egyptologists, September 2015

The International Association of Egyptologists (IAE) strongly condemns the recent sale of the statue of Sekhemka by the Northampton Borough Council (UK). This well-known masterpiece of Egyptian art may now disappear into a private collection, making it inaccessible to the general public, including the people of Egypt, students, and scholars.

The IAE opposes any such sales and would urge any public institution considering such actions to reconsider, and thereby to set an example of ethical behavior in keeping with such institutions’ responsibility as custodians for objects of world cultural importance.

In this regard the IAE endorses the position of ICOM (emphasis added):

"2.15 Disposal of Objects Removed from the Collections
Each museum should have a policy defining authorised methods for permanently removing an object from the collections through donation, transfer, exchange, sale, repatriation, or destruction, and that allows the transfer of unrestricted title to any receiving agency. Complete records must be kept of all deaccessioning decisions, the objects involved, and the disposal of the object. There will be a strong presumption that a deaccessioned item should first be offered to another museum.

Download: IAE Sekhemka Statement Sept 2015 FINAL.pdf

The IAE is now on Facebook and Twitter!14.09.2015



New IAE Presidency and Council30.08.2015

Prior to the XIth International Congress of Egyptologists in Florence, all professional and honorary members of the IAE had been called upon to elect a new Presidency and Council. The following colleagues have accepted their election for the four year term of office from August 2015 until the next congress in 2019:

Dr. Christopher Naunton (Egypt Exploration Society London)

Professor Dr. Laure Pantalacci (Université de Lyon)

General Secretary:
Professor Dr. Ursula Verhoeven (Universität Mainz)

Members of the Council as National Representatives:
• Bárta, Professor Dr. Miroslav (Czech Republic)
• Chauvet, Dr. Violaine (UK)
• Coulon, Dr. Laurent (France)
• David, Dr. Arlette (Israel)
• El-Aguizy , Dr. Ola (Arab Republic of Egypt)
• El-Leithy, Dr. Hisham (Arab Republic of Egypt)
• Jenni, Professor Dr. Hanna (Switzerland)
• Jiménez-Serrano, Dr. Alejandro (Spain)
• Köhler, Professor Dr. E. Christiana (Austria)
• Liptay, Dr. Éva (Hungaria)
• Niwinski, Professor Dr. Andrzej (Poland)
• Piacentini, Professor Dr. Patrizia (Italy)
• Ryholt, Dr. Kim (Scandinavian countries)
• Saleh, Dr. Mohamed (Arab Republic of Egypt)
• Schulz, Professor Dr. Regine (Germany)
• Shirley, Dr. J.J. (USA)
• Staring, Nico, MA (The Netherlands)
• Willems, Professor Dr. Harco (Belgium)

Ex officio (yet to be completed):
• Eldamaty, Professor Dr. Mamdouh (Minister of Antiquities and Heritage of Egypt)
• Bavay, Prof. Dr. Laurent (Directeur de l'IFAO Caire)
• Belova, Professor Dr. Galina A. (Russian Institute of Egyptology in Cairo)
• Meyer, Dr. Marleen de (Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo)
• Pieke, Dr. Gabriele (Secretary General of CIPEG)
• Pilgrim, Dr. Cornelius von (Director of Swiss Institute Cairo)
• Seidlmayer, Prof. Dr. Stephan J. (Direktor des DAI Kairo)
• NN (Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology)

New: Index of the Egyptological Archives08.07.2015

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to announce that the "Index of the Egyptological Archives" is now available online on the IFAO website (www.ifao.egnet.net/bases/archeg/).

A first update will probably occur at the beginning of September. Meanwhile, any comment will be welcome. I take the opportunity to thank the people involved in this project and I wish you all a pleasant summer.

Best regards,
Nadine Cherpion

Responsable du Service Archives, Collections et Documentation scientifiques
Institut français d'archéologie orientale
37 Sharia el-Cheikh Aly Youssef
Le Caire (Mounira)
Code Postal: 11441

Tel. +202-279 71 635
Fax: +202-279 44 635

ICE XI - Florence 2015: 3rd Circular now online06.07.2015

The 3rd Circular, which coincides with the Final Announcement, includes the program of the sessions and social events, in addition to updated information about registration in Florence, congress venues and facilities.

Download: 3rdcircular_30_6_2015.pdf

For an updated version of the Paper and Poster Abstracts see: www.ice11florence.org/circulars

ICE XI - Florence 2015: Paper and Poster Abstracts online18.06.2015

A preliminary version of the Paper and Poster Abstracts is now available for download at the ICE homepage:

www.ice11florence.org/circulars (Not final. Check for latest version)

Update: Online-Konsultation „Publikationssystem“ - Empfehlungen veröffentlicht16.06.2015

Im Frühjahr 2014 hatte die Arbeitsgruppe „Zukunft des wissenschaftlichen Kommunikationssystems“ der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften die Online-Konsultation „Publikationssystem“ durchgeführt. Inzwischen hat die Gruppe ihre Arbeit an den Empfehlungen abgeschlossen und hat diese veröffentlicht:


Dort besteht auch die Möglichkeit, die einzelnen Empfehlungen zu kommentieren und die
Diskussion über die Zukunft des wissenschaftlichen Publizierens fortzusetzen.

Die Langfassung des Textes mit einer überarbeiteten Fassung der während der Online-Konsultation diskutierten Prinzipien für ein gutes Publikationssystem, einer ausführliche Analyse derzeitiger Probleme sowie Erläuterungen zu dem Empfehlungen finden sich zum Download unter:


Presidential election: Candidates for Presidency and General Secretary01.06.2015

Dear fellow IAE members,

My call for nominations for the next officers of the International Association of Egyptologists has resulted in three candidates for the presidency; Prof. Verhoeven-van Elsbergen has generously offered to serve another term as General Secretary and is the sole candidate for that position.

Each candidate for the presidency has drafted a vision statement, as required by the IAE statutes, and they all offer stimulating ideas for the progress of our association. Please read each statement carefully and cast your vote with the future of the IAE, and of Egyptology, in mind.

Candidates for the Presidency (in alphabetical order):

Khaled El-Enany
Statement_Khaled El-Enany.pdf

Christopher Naunton
Statement_Christopher Naunton.pdf

Laure Pantalacci
Statement_Laure Pantalacci.pdf

Candidate for the Secretary General

Ursula Verhoeven-van Elsbergen

The start of the online access to voting will be announced through an e-mail letter by the IAE’s General Secretary. After login to the IAE page ("My IAE Account") a link will allow current IAE members to vote until July 31st, 2015. By statute, only professional and honorary members are entitled to vote (please refer to: www.iae-egyptology.org/iae.php?site=statutes, § 3.1 Categories of Membership).

The results will be announced at the opening session of the International Congress of Egyptologists in Florence.

James P. Allen
President of the IAE

Request for Nominations: Position of President and General Secretary of the IAE19.01.2015

Dear Fellow IAE members,

With the Florence ICE ahead of us, it is time to begin thinking about new leadership for the IAE. According to the IAE statutes, we need nominations for the position of President and General Secretary.

Candidates for either position must be Professional Members of the IAE. Candidates for General Secretary can be nominated by other IAE members or can nominate themselves. The duties of the General Secretary, as detailed in the statutes, include responsibility for the central administration of the Association and its finances, keeping the list of members up to date, and facilitating contact between the IAE and its members.

According to the statutes, candidates for President can also be nominated by other IAE members or can nominate themselves. In this case, however, the nomination must be supported by the names of ten Professional Members of the IAE, and must include a statement of the nominee’s affiliations (e.g., university, museum, professional societies), professional qualifications, and the nominee’s vision of “a four year plan for the activity and development of the Association.” There are no nominations for Vice President; by statute, the presidential candidate receiving the second-highest number of votes become Vice President.

All nominations should be submitted to the General Secretary (secretary@iae-egyptology.org) by May 31, 2015. Nominations will be posted on the IAE website as they are received.

Voting by IAE members will begin in June on the IAE website, and will end on July 31, 2015.

The General Secretary will tally the votes, notify the three candidates selected, and the results will be announced at the first general meeting at the Florence ICE, at which point the new officers will assume their positions.

The offices of President, Vice-President, and General Secretary are a burden as well as a privilege, but they offer a unique opportunity to help shape and guide the general direction of international Egyptology. Please encourage your colleagues to think seriously about running, and please consider doing so yourself.

James P. Allen
President of the IAE

Statutes: www.iae-egyptology.org/iae.php?site=statutes

ICE XI - Florence 2015: 2nd Circular now online!05.01.2015

The 2nd Circular includes updated and additional information for registration deadlines, fees and payment methods, abstract submission, preliminary program and on accommodation options.

Download: icexi-2ndcircular_1.pdf

Important Dates:
January 26th, 2015: deadline for submitting abstracts
By February 28th, 2015: information on accepted proposals
March 31st, 2015: deadline for registration
April 30th, 2015: deadline for LATE registration
By May 2015: publication of posters and abstracts of the accepted papers on the official website.
By June 2015: final announcement (3rd Circular) with complete programme and participants list

The 3rd Circular will be published on the official website before the end of June 2015:

Egypt Exploration Society: Newsletter Cairo Edition, Issue 2 08.12.2014

Welcome from the Director (1-2)
History of The Society (2)
Current Projects, New Publications (3)
Research grants: Centenary Awards 2014 (4)
The burial chamber of Rashepses at Saqqara (4-5)
EES Scholars 2014, English Language Courses (5-6)
Lectures, Evening Classes, Site Visits (6-7)
Office Opening Hours and Closures (8)
Membership News & Application Form (8)

Download: EES Newsletter Cairo Edition II .pdf

The Grand Egyptian Museum Logo Design Competition03.12.2014

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announces a competition for designing the official logo of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), which is located only 2 Kilometers away from Giza Pyramids and scheduled to open in 2018.

Website: www.gem.gov.eg/logo_competition.htm

Deadline for submission: 25-12.2014

Armenian Egyptology Centre: Resignation of director Dr de Vartavan26.11.2014

Dear friends of AEC,

Please note that following extremely serious family and health problems our director Dr de Vartavan had unexpectedly to resign from his post of director of the Armenian Egyptology Centre to remain in Europe.
After historically founding the discipline of Egyptology in Armenia, Dr de Vartavan brought in eight years of intense activity the centre from total anonymity to international recognition, in particular lately with his work on the vocalisation of Ancient Egyptian.
Persons wishing to contact him may now do so on his personal email address:

The AEC Staff

Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East: First call for essays for the T G H James Memorial Essay Prize 25.11.2014

The T G H James Memorial Essay Prize has been created by Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East (ASTENE) to encourage Young people having an interest in Egypt and the Near East to learn about the lives and challenges of those who have travelled in the area over the centuries and also the local people they met.
The Prize is open to all under the age of 25. There are two prizes: one of £250 and another of £100. Each prize also includes a 2-year membership to ASTENE and a Bursary (covering the cost of accommodation and meals but not travel costs) to attend an ASTENE Conference to collect their prize. Both winning essays will appear in the quarterly ASTENE Bulletin.

Full information about the call is also available on the ASTENE website under:

Call for essays: astene_essay.pdf

Deadline: 31 March 2015

Egyptian Bioarchaeology: Humans, Animals, and the Environment07.11.2014

Edited by Salima Ikram, Jessica Kaiser & Roxie Walker, 2014

Although the bioarchaeology (study of biological remains in an archaeological context) of Egypt has been documented in a desultory way for many decades, it is only recently that it has become an inherent part of excavations in Egypt. This book consists of a series of essays that explore how ancient plant, animal, and human remains should be studied, and how, when they are integrated with texts, images, and artefacts, they can contribute to our understanding of the history, environment, and culture of ancient Egypt in a holistic manner.

Leading international specialists from varied disciplines including physical anthropology, radiology, archaeozoology, Egyptology, and dendrochronology have contributed to this groundbreaking volume of essays that will no doubt provide much fodder for thought, and will be of interest to scholars and laypeople alike.

Website: www.sidestone.com/bookshop/egyptian-bioarchaeology

Upon publication of the book, the book will be available for FREE online reading in the Sidestone E-library: www.sidestone.com/library/

Proposed Re-print of K.A. Kitchen's Ramesside Inscriptions14.10.2014

Dear colleague,

Since it's now been many years since KRI was available in print, Professor Kitchen and I are presently considering issuing a re-print of the entire series under the auspices of my publishing company, Abercromby Press. In order to keep prices as low as possible, it would be our intention to publish the original hieroglyphic editions in softbound volumes - with the larger tomes such as 2, 5 and 6 probably having to be split over two volumes. Each volume will be supplemented with appropriate indices. Although no final decision has been made regarding the pricing structure, we anticipate that no single volume would cost more than £50.

Before putting words into action, we would very much appreciate our colleagues' thoughts as to whether this is a work that they would welcome to see back in press, and perhaps obtain for their personal libraries. If so, would you prefer to sacrifice the quality and durability of a hardbound volume for a lower cost softbound production, and would an approximate price of £40 per volume seem reasonable to you?

With many thanks and best wishes,

Contact: Benedict Davies (benedict.davies@gmail.com)

CALL FOR PAPERS: ICE XI - Florence 201506.10.2014

On behalf of the IAE (International Association of Egyptologists), the Egyptian Museum of Florence (Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo - Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Toscana), the University of Florence and CAMNES (Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies)

We are proud to communicate that the 11th International Congress of Egyptologists will take place in Florence (Italy) between the 23rd and the 30th of August 2015.

Abstract submission: October 3rd 2014(sic!) - January 26th 2015
Registration deadline: March 31th 2015
Late registration deadline: April 30th 2015

ICE XI - Secretariat
Contact: secretariat@ice11florence.org

Official ICE XI web site: www.ice11florence.org

1st Circular: 1st CIRCULAR_ICE11 Florence 2015 D.pdf

International Congress of Egyptologists XI: Florence, Italy, August 23–30, 201518.07.2014

The International Association of Egyptologists is pleased to announce that the host and organizing authority for ICE XI will be the Egyptian Museum of Florence, Italy. The venue was chosen by a majority of member votes cast from May 16 until July 15 of this year. The IAE received a total of five bids, the others being from Turin, Italy; Melbourne, Australia; Trieste, Italy; and Warsaw, Poland. We are grateful for the extraordinary effort required to put these bids together, and hope that the ICE will be in each of the venues in the future.

Please monitor this web page for further news, which will be posted when it is received from Florence.

James P. Allen
President of the IAE

Host of the next International Congress of Egyptology: Online survey16.05.2014

Dear colleagues,

In response to the call from the International Association of Egyptologists for bids to host the next International Congress of Egyptologists, the IAE has received bids from five organizing authorities:

Florence, Italy -- August 23-30, 2015
(Egyptian Museum Florence)
Florence Bid.pdf

Melbourne, Australia -- July 7-12, 2015
(Monash University, Swinburne University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Macquarie University et al.)

Trieste, Italy -- June 21-28, 2015
(RAFVG; Kore University of Enna)
Trieste Bid.pdf

Turin, Italy -- August 29-Sept. 5, 2016
(Egyptian Museum Turin)

Warsaw, Poland -- Sept. 19-26, 2016
(Warsaw University)
Warsaw Bid.pdf

After login to the IAE page ("My IAE Account") a link will allow current IAE members to vote for one of the five choices until July 15th. Only professional and student members are entitled to vote. The votes will be tallied automatically, and the winner will be announced on the IAE website after July 31, 2014.

James P. Allen
President of the IAE

Abnorm Hieratic Crash Course: Free for all to share and use10.02.2014

by Koenraad Donker van Heel (University of Leiden).

Please refer to: www.hieratistik.uni-mainz.de/Dateien/DEFSyllabus_crash_course.pdf

ICE 2014 in Alexandria cancelled: Refunding of payments08.01.2014

Please refer to the website of the organizers:

ICE 2014 in Alex cancelled, IAE invites bids30.12.2013

Message from the President of the IAE

The Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities has informed the IAE that, because of the uncertain political climate in Egypt, Egypt will not be able to host the next International Congress of Egyptologists as originally planned.
The officers of the IAE therefore invite bids from member countries to host the next congress. Each bid should be as detailed as possible, including at least the projected dates of the congress (ideally, in 2015). All bids are due by April 30, 2014.
I remind bidders that the arrangement between the IAE, as sponsor, and the host country and organization is similar to that between the International Olympic Committee and the host city of the Olympics. The IAE membership will vote on the bids on the IAE website, and the winner will be notified and announced on the IAE website after July 31, 2014. It is the responsibility of the host country and organization to arrange and pay for all details of the congress, including schedule, events, venue, hotel space, and committees to review proposed papers from members. In return, the host sets whatever registration fee is necessary to cover costs. The IAE will help insofar as possible, though the organization’s funds are very limited.

With all best wishes for the New Year,
James P. Allen

Urgent SCA message for Egyptologists01.08.2012

Dear Colleagues,

The Department of the Foreign Missions Affairs at the Supreme Council of Antiquities would like to inform you that there are few changes in the procedures of the application process for Foreign Missions and Scholars to work in Egypt.

Missions working in non-military sites, the security clearance form MUST be accompanied by 6 personal photographs and 2 passport copies.

As for mission working in military areas, the security clearance form MUST be accompanied by 9 personal photographs and 4 passport copies.

These new changes by the National Security will be applied for the new applications from 1st of August, 2012. However, for the applications already submitted prior to this date, the department will handle it .

Best wishes

Dr. Mohamed Ismail Khaled
Director of Department of Foreign Missions Affairs Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA)
3. El Adel Abou Bakr St.
Zamalek - Cairo.
Tel./Fax: +20 02-2735-0629

Metropolitan Museum to return 19 artifacts to Egypt01.08.2011

Read more: af.reuters.com/article/topNews/idAFJOE76T04N20110730

List of Missing Artifacts from the Egyptian Museum Cairo 15.03.2011

Dr. Tarek El Awady, Director of the Egyptian Museum, would like to ask for help in the repatriation of the missing artifacts after the attack on January 28, 2011. Complete list:

Petition forwarded by the Egyptian Museum: Petition to Prime Minister.pdf

The Most Recent Summary of Damage to Antiquities03.03.2011


The State of Antiquities: Latest Press Releases by the SCA23.02.2011


SCA Announcement by Ramadan B. Hussein07.02.2011

Sunday, 6th of Febr., 2011

In the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), we all realize with great appreciation the concerns of the entire Egyptological and archaeological communities around the world on the safety of Egypt's archaeological heritage. We also understand that these concerns are growing higher and higher with the frightening news about "ransacking", "looting", "plundering", "vandalizing"…etc. of Egypt's museums, magazines and archaeological sites. These reports on the situation of Egypt's archaeological heritage are not entirely accurate. There were indeed incidents of vandalism, but have not reached the level of looting. We would like to assure everybody that archaeological sites and museums in Egypt are in the capable hands of the Egyptian Army, the inspectors of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, and most importantly the villagers living in the vicinity of these archaeological sites. Villagers have formed human shields around the sites and are assisting the army and the inspectors in guarding the magazines and sites.

The story of the vandalism of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo is very complex with multiple sides to it. The people who congregated in the garden of the museum on Friday, January 28 had different intensions. Some people were protecting the museum; others entered the garden with the intension to break into the museum. A third group was just hanging out as if they were in a picnic!

The newly opened museum gift-shop was vandalized and ransacked. Looters thought all along that the gift-shop is the Egyptian Museum and that the jewelry gifts and replicas are antiquities. The majority of the looted jewelry was returned by the Egyptian Army personnel, who rushed into the museum once the curfew was forced. They arrested a number of looters and used the help of volunteers to form a human shield around the museum. The funny part of the story is that only the books of the gift-shop remained untouched. Looters are never interested in books, I guess. However, ca. 6 people broke into the museum through the windows in the museum ceiling using ropes. One of those people fell down on a showcase, while going down using the rope. He got injured and could not escape, and was arrested inside the museum. The army also arrested ca. 10 more people who tried relentlessly to scale the western museum surrounding wall.

The preliminary damage assessment of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo was conducted on Saturday, January 29, by a committee of Egyptologists, army personnel and policemen. This committee included Dr. Tarek El-Awady, the General Director of the Museum, Mr. Ibraheim Abd El-Mageid, a Senior Curator at the museum and myself. We found out that only 13 (thirteen) showcases were smashed and objects were taken out. Fortunately, the thieves were after "treasures". In their understanding, "treasures" are gold objects. Therefore, they left all the objects of the smashed showcases lying on the floors of the galleries. Some of these objects are found broken, while others are still intact. A full account of the vandalism of Egypt's archaeological sites and museums could be found on Dr. Zahi Hawass's website, www.zahihawass.com, and on that of the SCA (www.sca-egypt.org).

New Comment by James P. Allen04.02.2011

Now that communications have been restored in Egypt, there has been emerging more news about Egypt's antiquities than was available when I last wrote. The official voice of the government in this regard, Zahi Hawass, has issued numerous press releases to assure everyone that "All the museums and monuments of Egypt are safe" (personal communication, Feb., 3rd). These are posted on the SCA website (www.sca-egypt.org).

Reports from others in Egypt are less optimistic. While we cannot post them all here, we would encourage those of you who are concerned to monitor the Facebook page "Egyptologists for Egypt," which has been serving as an ongoing forum about the crisis, mostly with personal opinions but occasionally with news from contacts in Egypt itself:

The news of the last few days has not been encouraging, for Egypt's cultural heritage as well as for its people. For those of you with contacts in Egypt, please let them know that we stand with them in spirit and in the hope that Egypt's people and its cultural heritage will both emerge from this crisis not only safely but with a brighter future.

James P. Allen
President of the IAE

CIPEG Statement on the Situation in Egypt03.02.2011


ICOM has published an additional statement on Egypt:

UNESCO Warns on Egypt Heritage03.02.2011

The United Nations' cultural organisation urged Egyptian authorities and protesters Tuesday to protect the country's heritage and respect freedom of expression during the ongoing political crisis.

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The Situation in Egypt: Activities undertaken by individuals03.02.2011

We would like to inform about activities undertaken by individuals independently from the IAE:

Egyptological Looting Database 2011:

Protect Egyptian Cultural Heritage

Mission to Restore Antiquities in Egypt

Restore + Save the Egyptian Museum

Egyptologists for Egypt

Antiquities Alert20.01.2011

As a permanent service we would like to announce stolen or illegal antiquities on this page under News. Please send any information to secretary@iae-egyptology.org.

Payment of Membership Fee by PayPal12.07.2010

The vast majority of IAE members can pay their membership fee most conveniently by the web payment method PayPal. However, PayPal is NOT available in the following countries:

Arab Republic of Egypt
Republic of Serbia

Members from these countries and those who do not want to use PayPal at all, are kindly requested to contact the General Secretary (secretary@iae-egyptology.org) or their respective national representative (www.iae-egyptology.org/iae.php?site=presidency). For further information about PayPal’s offerings in your country or region, please, see: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_display-country-functionality-outside.

Welcome by the president24.03.2010

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the new website of the International Association of Egyptologists! Thanks to the efforts of our Secretary General, Prof. Dr. Ursula Verhoeven, and her team - Dr. Silke Roth and Baxe Webdesign -, you now have a better way of communicating with your association and with one another. Key features include access to a directory of members and their addresses (please make sure your own information is up to date), and the ability to renew your membership online. Eventually, this site will give us all a primary portal for linking to institutional and individual websites and Egyptological databases worldwide (such as the OEB, already linked). We also hope you will use it to post news of international interest, and we hope it will also help to curb the trade in illegal antiquities by serving as a site to post alerts. The site you see today is only the beginning. Please let us know your thoughts on how we can improve it and make it more useful to the international Egyptological community.

James P. Allen